Activated carbon adsorption technology

Adsorption method (I)

Direct adsorption method

Organic waste gas adsorbed by active carbon, the purifying rate can be up to more than 95%

Advantages: simple equipment, small investment,

Disadvantages: activated carbon change frequently, increasing the handling, transportation, replacement and other procedures, resulting in increased operating costs.

Adsorption method (II)

Adsorption - recovery method

Use activated carbon to adsorb organic exhaust gas. In close to saturated status, use hot water vapor back to blow and carry out the regeneration; this method is required to provide necessary amount of steam.

Adsorption method (III)

Novel adsorption- catalytic combustion method

This method combines the advantages of adsorption and catalytic combustion method, using new materials (honeycomb activated carbon) adsorption in nearly saturated introduced hot air adsorption, analysis, the desorbed gas is introduced to catalytic bed combustion flameless combustion, thorough purification, hot gas is recycled in the system, greatly reducing the energy consumption. This method has the characteristics of stable operation, low investment, low running cost, convenient maintenance and so on. It is suitable for large air flow and low concentration of waste gas treatment. It is a more mature and practical method in the treatment of organic waste at home currently.

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