Plasma electrostatic treatment technology

Mechanism of low temperature plasma to remove pollutants:

In the process of plasma chemical reaction, the energy transfer in the process of plasma transport of low temperature plasma at low temperature is as follows:

(1) Electric field + Electron →High-energy electron

(2) High-energy electron + Molecule (or atom) → (Excited atom, stimulated group, free radicals) active group

(3) Active group+ Molecule (atom) → resultant+ heat

(4) Active group+ Active group→ resultant+ heat

From the above process, we can see that temperature-controlled plasma equipment firstly obtain energy from the electric field, through excitation or ionization transfers its energy to the atoms or molecules to, energy of molecules or atoms are stimulated, while part of the molecule is ionized, thus becoming active groups; these active groups and molecules or atoms, after active groups after colliding with the active groups in the formation of stable products and heat. In addition, high energy electrons can be trapped by halogen and oxygen with strong electron affinity, and become negative ions. This kind of negative ion has a very good chemical activity, which plays an important role in the chemical reaction.

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