Biological treatment technique

Process of microbial degradation of pollutants

Since the process of microorganisms transforming the hazardous substance in the exhaust gas is difficult to carry out in gaseous phase, the gaseous pollutants in the exhaust gas firstly to be transferred by gas to liquid or solid surface liquid film mass transfer process and contaminants before they in the liquid phase or solid surface is microbial adsorption and degradation.

According to the biological membrane theory proposed by Ottengraf, the biological process of purification and treatment of industrial exhaust gas in general should experience the following four steps.

1) The pollutants in the exhaust gas firstly contact with water and dissolved in water ( from air film diffusion into liquid film)

2) Dissolved in liquid membrane driven by difference in the concentrations of pollutants in the further spread of biofilms, which is captured and absorbed by microorganisms;

3) Microbial transforms pollutants into biomass, byproducts of metabolism or C02, water, etc;

4) Biochemical reaction product is removed from the surface of the biofilm and the anti diffuses into the gas phase.

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