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Nantong KEAO Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company which take environmental science research and exhaust gas treatment as main business.

Talent strategy is an important part of our development strategy, “Knowing the people well, appoint people on their merits and let everybody fully display his talents " is our employing principle, "Attracting and developing talent" is our consistent policy and also the core of talent strategy of the Company. In our growth process, the first class talents for the Company to create the industry pioneer have laid a solid foundation.

No pain no gain. Join the Keao environmental protection, go with the successful people; you will reap success in life! The Company provides a broad stage for the employee to play a talent and display the vast space, and achieve to find, training, and respect and develop the talents. Make employees can be fully exercised, and explore the potential to create job performance, so that every employee will grow with the company.

KEAO Environmental Protection pays attention to talent introduction and training, supports a full range of technical and professional training, enhances all levels of employees in the work of actual operation ability, people-oriented, merit, and give full scope to the talents.

The Company creates a good working environment and a healthy corporate culture for employees, so that every employee can feel cohesion and sense of belonging. The Company endeavors to provide competitive pay levels and benefits for employees, and strive to win business interests and the interests of employees.

Join the KEAO Environmental Protection, create a better future, and sincerely welcome you to join our company.

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