1. Waste gas -Optical microwave precision breaking chain technology

The core of precision broken chain's technology is to transform the hazardous substance to innocuous substance safely and reliably by the lowest energy consumption. Shorter wavelength ultraviolet light has a stronger photon energy, such as ultraviolet wavelength of 170nm, its photon energy for 700 kJ/mol, wavelength for 253.7nm of UV, its photon energy for 472 kJ/mol, ultraviolet wavelength of 365nm, its photon energy for 328 KJ/mol and so on. These bands of UV energy as-level is stronger than most odor molecules. The difference is, wavelengths below 200nm of short wavelength ultraviolet radiation can break down the O2 molecule, generating O* generating ozone in conjunction with O2 O3. Common emission chemical bond energy 272-611 kJ/mol, so UV photon energy must be greater than 650 kJ/mol. Wavelength selection is the key.

2. Photo-oxidation super efficient catalytic oxidation technology

We are confident that we have found the best combination of catalyst, consisting of 8 kinds of nanoscale metal and nonmetal oxides.

Suitable for any organic waste gas condition

Governance efficiency can reach 99%

Decomposition efficiency increased 30-100 times

Waste gas -Optical microwave precision breaking chain technology

Waste gas -Optical oxygen super efficient catalytic oxidation technology

Waste gas - catalytic combustion technology

Waste gas - plasma electrostatic treatment technology

Waste gas - chemical washing processing technology

Waste gas - biological decomposition processing technology

Waste gas - activated carbon adsorption technology

Purifying - indoor purification technology

-Oil smoke---Light oxygen lampblack purification technology

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